Dear Andrea and Michele,
Thank you so much on behalf of myself and my family – for your helpfulness and concern in making a potentially stressful experience seamless and comfortable.

Preliminary discussions with a manager and/or assistant manager can make all the difference in the world, even in deciding whether to follow up with an appointment. Michele and Andrea, you not only explained the nature of the exam thoroughly, you answered all our questions and concerns -many even two or more times- patiently and clearly.

People like you are an invaluable resource to patients and doctors. My family and I wish you all good things – none of this happens without you.

*Please do me one last favor and pass this note on to Dr. van Gorp.

Thank you both for always being there for us.

Best wishes,

Neuropsychological Evaluation
November 2, 2018

Thank you all so much! My son received the accommodations recommended by Dr. van Gorp!
He is much more confident in his ability to do well on the LSAT now. Thanks to everyone for making this happen!
You are all such a wonderful team.


Accommodations for the LSAT
August 22, 2018

Dr. van Gorp was extremely professional and right on spot with his diagnosis of my learning disability. He did a very thorough evaluation and took the time to go over the results with me. His recommendations were also extremely helpful. I have recommended him to all my friends who show signs of learning disabilities or ADHD. Thanks to him and his amazing team, I was able to take the MCAT with double time and apply to the Boards as well. If you wish to reach your true cognitive potential, I strongly believe Dr. van Gorp is the right person to evaluate your needs.

Accommodations for the MCAT
August 21, 2018

My wife and I recently used the Center for Cognitive Assessment to conduct a pre-adoption psychological evaluation. The Office Manager and staff (Andrea & Michele) was incredibly helpful in setting up our appointment and making sure that we had all of our questions answered beforehand. Dr. Daren was friendly, very professional and made us both feel welcome and comfortable as we went through the evaluation process. The entire staff was patient and supportive as we worked through very strict report formatting, notarizing, and gathering copies of licenses that needed to be done to send this off as a part of our international adoption dossier. We are so grateful for everything the staff did for us and will not hesitate to use this office for any future evaluation needs.

Prospective parents pre-adoption evaluation
February 2, 2018

It’s not hard to find someone in manhattan to complete a neuropsych but it’s really hard to find someone you trust. Andrea (Reilly) at the center for cognitive research was great. She was patient and answered all my questions. Sometimes twice! The doctor (Andrew Daren) was just like she said he would be and the whole experience was easy, professional and my son left feeling good about himself.

Parent with concerns about ADHD, depression and anxiety for their child
January 17, 2018

Dr. VanGorp
Hi and hope you are well. Many thanks again and we are very happy to report that (my son) had a very successful outcome! Happy Thanksgiving!
Best regards

Accommodations for the GMAT
November 8, 2017

Hi Dr Daren,

FYI – I have been approved for 50% extra time!
I mentioned how great and comparatively reasonably priced you guys were to my GMAT tutor and am cc’ing him so he can give your name to future students he has in my situation.
Thanks again doc!

Kind Regards,

Accommodations for the GMAT
July 16, 2017

Dr. van Gorp,

I just wanted to let you know that I found out that all of my requested accommodations were approved. Not only did the school approve all of your recommended accommodations, but I was even offered an additional helpful accommodation I did not request. It took much longer than usual for the school to process my request due to how novel the requested accommodations were, but thanks to your report written specifically to the school’s needs, the only discussion was on what accommodations would be most reasonable for my disability rather than the diagnosis or need for accommodations. Thank you once again!


Accommodations for the MCAT
June 26, 2017

Dr Van Gorp,
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for everything. I never thought I would say this but discovering that I had a learning disability though devastating for me has been a blessing in disguise.
I am happy to inform you that not only did I pass my boards this year with the extra time given me per your recommendations, I passed it with a very high score. If it had not been for your evaluation and recommendation I would still be struggling to pass my boards.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend my friends, family and patients to you. If only you knew what this means to me. I thank God for putting you in my life when he did. I will forever be great full to you and your staff.


Doctor taking medical boards
October 23, 2016

Dear Dr. van Gorp,

I wanted to thank you for your help with my accommodations process for the USMLE Step 1 examination. I was on a time crunch to submit documentation to my medical school and your office found a way to schedule me on short notice. I received a decision letter today that granted me accommodations of extended time; the test will also be administered over 2 days. Despite hearing from students that “the Nation Board of Medical Examiners never grants accommodations for Step1”, you were reassuring that you would do your best to help me with this process. I am incredibly grateful for all of your help and advice. It was especially helpful that you were able to include the reasons why you felt that I needed certain accommodations – the evaluation not including this has been a reason that many requests have been denied.

I really appreciate everything that you, Ms. Reilly and Dr. Daren did to help me during this stressful time. I did not have Dr. Daren’s email address, but please pass along the message and my gratitude to him, as well.

Thank you again for your time and help! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Requesting time accommodations for USMLE exam
September 13, 2016

Hello Andrea,
I am very happy to let you and the team know that we heard from the College board that (my daughter) has 50% extra time accomodated for her exams. Thank you very much for your willingness to help and I thank both the doctors from the bottom of my heart for their detailed assessment, documentation and recommendation which helped make this possible. .. . God Bless!

Student granted college entrance exam testing accommodations
September 5, 2016

I just want to thank Dr. Van Gorp for his evaluation and report. (Name redacted) was granted extended time and small room accommodations for the ACT yesterday!

Thank you and have a wonderful rest of summer!

Student granted ACT testing accommodations
August 14, 2016

Dear Andrea,
Thank you so much to you, Dr. Daren and Dr. Van Gorp for all your help with my son’s assessment. As usual, nothing is ever text book when it comes to assessing an individual but your support and compassion throughout this entire process was invaluable. I am happy to say that my son was awarded his college degree in large part because of the three of you! Thank you for treating both of us with such understanding and kindness.

University senior requesting waiver of a subject area due to disability
August 12, 2016

Good Morning Andrea,

As per discussion I would like to follow up with Dr. Gorp about the results of my college accommodation requests.

Because of his evaluation and follow up letter not only did I receive my testing accommodations, but I also received my (required dormitory accommodation).

I would like to once again thank both you and him for your help over this past year.


Testing for exam accommodations and specific dormitory requirements
July 18, 2016

Hi Andrea,

Thank you so very much. Beyond the report, was the compassion and understanding we heard with solid recommendations. We cannot thank you enough. Now we know where we stand, and are prepared to move forward with a road to take.

Testing for phobias and Learning Disabilities
May 27, 2016

Dear Dr. Van Gorp,
This is to let you know that (name redacted) has been granted 50 per cent extended time in the ACT test, as recommended in the cognitive assessment you conducted.
We are very pleased with this outcome, trusting that it will help (name redacted) achieve his full academic potential.
Will keep in touch.
Best regards,

Accommodations for taking the ACT granted
May 17, 2016

Hi Dr. van Gorp,

I wanted to reach out and say thank you because my GRE accommodation request was approved. I’ll be able to have some extra time while taking the exam. Thank you so much for all your help!


Accommodations for taking the GRE granted
February 22, 2016

Hi Andrea,
I wanted to share the great news with you and Dr. VanGorp—my termination of long term disability has been reversed!! We won the appeal!!I I am so very grateful to you both for your support and
prayers. It was a journey that seemed forever but God only gives us the trials of life to allow us to grow and be stronger. I am still trying to convince my body to do the same! …
Please share this wonderful news with Dr. Van Gorp.
Have a wonderful day and god bless you both!!

Testing resulted in reinstatement of benefits
February 17, 2016

Dear Dr. van Gorp and Dr. Daren,
I am happy to report that I just heard back from AAMC and my request for 50% extra time on the MCAT has been approved. Additionally I will be taking the MCAT over 2 days, which is a requirement for the additional time. Thank you so much for the help! It looks like Christmas came early!

Accommodations for MCAT testing
December 11, 2015

Dr. van Gorp,

I would like to thank you once again for all you have done over the past month. From the very beginning (prior to scheduling a formal consultation), you were very accessible and willing to answer any questions or hesitations I had. I greatly appreciated this as it alleviated a lot of the worries I had prior to setting up my formal assessment. The environment the assessment was conducted in was very welcoming and overall I am very pleased with the final report. With your help and extensive expertise, I was able to be provided with accommodations for the LSAT.

Once again thank you for all your help!

Educational accommodations for LSAT
October 28, 2015

SUBJ: Approved for 50% extra time!

Dear Dr. van Gorp,

I am ecstatic! Thank you for everything. I’ll be taking it in less than a than a year’s time and will let you know how it goes.

With gratitude,

Educational accommodations for MCAT
September 18, 2015

Dear Dr Van Gorp and Andrew

Thank you so much for all your help with this.

You will see from the email below that (Overseas) University has acknowledged your report as being sufficient for (client) to have extra time in exams and to be able to use a computer in exams as well.

He starts CBT today.

So, fingers crossed he will move up and on from here. We have taken his concerns seriously and he now knows where he stands for his 3 years at university.

Thank you again,

Educational accommodations
July 30, 2015


I would like to once again thank you and Dr. van Gorp for meeting with me once again. I feel very lucky to have Dr van Gorp on my side and assisting me in finding the right professionals to help me further. Please express my sincere thanks ,


Workplace accommodations
July 14, 2015

Good evening Andrea,
My name is (client) and I received an evaluation a few months ago for SAT and ACT accommodations. Firstly I would like to thank the doctor because I was able to get full accommodations requested for ACT and partial for SAT.

Thank you in advance,


ACT and SAT test accommodations
June 12, 2015

I want to say another thank you: While I’m 100% certain that I will apply back to Medical School or at least Grad School sometime soon, the most important part of this testing was for me, psychological. It shows that I’m not “unintelligent” as exhibited by a not so helpful and stressful thought process I had after my MCAT score. It shows that I am unique in the ways I learn. I am proudly learning disabled and have evidence to prove it. That makes me feel much better – and has contributed to both my current physical and mental health. You Rock, thanks for doing what you do.

Be Well,


Neuropsychological evaluation
June 12, 2015

To Andrea, I want to thank you and Dr’s. van Gorp and Daren for all your help and compassion. I was very apprehensive about testing and the subsequent findings. It has been a tremendous relief finding out what I had suspected for many years. Please let me know if you would like me to submit a reveiw? I feel that the service was excellent and I am very happy with my choice. Sincerely


Evaluation for ADHD and diagnosis
June 1, 2015

Dear Dr. van Gorp,

Thank you for all your help with my children. They were very comfortable with both you and Dr. Daren, which is always a plus in my book! Thank you for picking up on a diagnosis no other doctor has been able to with my older son. I am happy to report that he is now doing much better!! My husband and I are were very pleased with the entire assessment and process.


Psychoeducational evaluation
May 7, 2015

Dear Dr Van Gorp
Good news i got time and half on LSAT. Thank you for everything!


Patient approved for accommodations on LSAT exam.
May 7, 2015

Thank you guys so much for all the time and effort you spent with me, you went above and beyond on a short timeline and I cant thank you enough! I will write you the best review ZocDoc has ever seen online.


Patient approved for GRE/GMAT accommodations.
March 30, 2015

Thank you so much for arranging an appointment for me today.
Dr. van Gorp and his associate were great. I asked for a referral from the health services yesterday and it was approved dated as of yesterday.


Patient approved for accommodations.
December 2, 2014

Great news. I rec’d an email from the ACT. (Patient) was approved for extended time!!

Much appreciation for your efforts. When andrea has time we will appreciate it if she can mail back to me (Patient’s) records.

Thank you again. We are all so happy!


Patient approved for accommodations on ACT exam.
August 4, 2014

Hello Dr. van Gorp.:
We did it! New York State granted the accommodations for me. Please see attached.

Thank you for everything!

Best regards,


Accommodation granted on appeal by the New York State Board of Law Examiners
July 1, 2014

Dear Dr. van Gorp,
Thank you for your writing this letter and sending it to me so quickly. I greatly appreciate your assistance and all that you have helped me to accomplish during the past year!
I will be in touch.
Best regards,


Letter written to Bar Association which was successful in the granting of accommodations
June 11, 2014

Dear Dr. van Gorp,
The last time I saw you was on Feb. 12, 2013 for Part 2 of my cognitive-assessment testing administered by Dr. Fraser.  I learned this past Monday that my appeal of a decision to terminate my disability benefits was made in my favor!
The work of Matthew, my attorney from the Law Offices of Barbara Comerford, was excellent.  I have a strong hunch, though, that your evaluation of my test results was crucial to the success of my appeal.  I reread the “Summary & Impression” section of your report today.  I believe your observations and concluding remarks made a compelling case that my disabled condition is legitimate, multifaceted, and very real. …So I am writing simply to say: THANKS SO VERY MUCH for all the time, work, and care that you invested in the C-A testing process—and me— from start to finish.
I would appreciate it if you would extend my greetings and sincere appreciation to Dr. Fraser as well.
Very truly yours,


Adult at risk of losing disability benefits
May 22, 2014

Dear Dr. van Gorp,
Great job! I would recommend your services to anyone who needs cognitive testing.


Adult evaluated to determine if there is age-related cognitive impairment.
April 15, 2014

Dr. van Gorp,
Thank you very much for your help. (My son) received the time and a half we requested from the Scholastic Testing Board. We appreciate your team’s help to get us here.
All the best,


Evaluated a student who was authorized for needed additional time for educational testing.
March 23, 2014

Hello Dr. Wilfred Van Gorp,
This e-mail is to THANK YOU, for writing this accommodations letter. I look forward to be able to hire your professional services in the future. I am very pleased with your services and professionalism. Thank you so much.


Evaluated a student who was determined to require accommodations to reach his full educational potential.
February 27, 2014

Hello Dr. Wilfred Van Gorp,
This e-mail is to THANK YOU, for writing this accommodations letter. I look forward to be able to hire your professional services in the future. I am very pleased with your services and professionalism. Thank you so much.


Evaluated a student who was determined to require accommodations to reach his full educational potential.
February 27, 2014

Hi Andrea,
I rec’d the report this morning with many thanks!

My expectations have been beyond exceeded…this has been an amazing experience. You and Dr van Gorp are wonderful!

If you ever need a patient recommendation…let me know!

Thank you for everything!!


Evaluated a six year old for ADHD, autism, dyslexia and learning disabilities.
January 9, 2014

You have all made our world today.

I have happy tears in my eyes, this meeting today has finally brought peace into our lives now.
We can finally work on making our son’s life & future a brighter one.
You guys are the best!

My husband and I, want to thank your entire group from the bottom of our hearts.

You have finally brought us the relief we most definitely needed our questions have been answered.

May god bless you & your families each and every day !!!

We thank you all kindly.


From the parents of an eleven year-old child who was evaluated.
December 13, 2013

Hi Dr. van Gorp,
I just wanted to let you know that I got approved for the time and half accommodation!

Thank you so much!


College senior applying for LSAT accommodation.
Aug. 26, 2013

Dr. van Gorp
I just wanted to give you the good news that NCCPA accepted my request
for time accommodations on PANCE. Thank you once again for your help.


Professional seeking time accommodation on professional certification exam.
November 09 2012

Hello Drs. Van Gorp and Fraser,
We have received your report and are very pleased with the final version — it is really, really helpful and informative. We also wanted to thank you for going above and beyond in providing a caring and safe environment for xxxxx and for always being so understanding with our unique situation. You are both kind and caring professionals and you are both greatly appreciated.

Again, thank you very much.


Neurological patient with an unusually complex neurologic and psychiatric illness.
July 11, 2012

I am endlessly thankful for invaluable help that I can not even find a word to show my appreciation. I promise to stop by after my board (July 23rd/24th) to personally thank you for everything you have done for me. I would owe you a lot in my professional life.
Warmest regards,


Medical doctor with a learning disability seeking accommodations on a professional certification exam.
May 1, 2012

More importantly, I am writing to thank you all so very much for all of your help. I deeply appreciate your time and thoughtful consideration of my case. Your patience and professionalism allowed me to proceed. Your willingness to meet where I am financially made it possible. Your understanding and words of encouragement were invaluable. The actual report will continue to serve me into the future as I work towards addressing the diagnosis.
I am eternally grateful. Thank you.


University student seeking extra time accommodation in school and on standardized tests.
April 18, 2012

Dear Dr van Gorp,
I am very grateful of the efforts you and Mr William Lu have put, and the professionalism and accuracy you guys have demonstrated during this series of testing, especially on the part of testing in Chinese you two have provided.

I am glad that I cound truly find out exactly who I am and what I should really improve in my weakness and fully make use of my talents in my education and future carreer.


Professional seeking advanced certification in their field.
March 19, 2012

Hi Dr. Van Gorp,
I just wanted to let you know that I succeeded in getting accommodations for the MCAT. I didn’t end up consulting an attorney, but did include letters from xxxx (doctors). They decided on two 5-minute breaks per section and a private room. It wasn’t all you had initially recommended, but I think it was a good compromise and I felt much more calm on test day than the previous times. I’m still awaiting my score, but am happy to report that I had a much better experience. I have been seeing (doctor) once a week since you recommended her, and she is so great. She has really helped me manage my anxiety and I am very grateful for the referral. Thank you so much for everything!
Warm Regards.


Hi Dr. Van Gorp,
I have some great news. They granted accommodations! Not everything was granted, but I am happy with the accommodations. Thank you so much for all your help. I will bring you cookies as soon as I can.
I will keep you updated on my testing and my career. Thank you for helping me reach my dream.


We all were very fond of you and think you’re terrific!