Time Can Make All The Difference.

Standardized exams are high stakes. Your future depends upon your test scores.

  • Throughout your educational career have you found it difficult to complete a test in the allotted time?
  • Do you have trouble paying attention during a test?
  • Do timed tests cause you greater anxiety?

If you are diagnosed with a condition which penalizes you for slow performance, you may be given significantly more time in the classroom for exams. You may qualify for extra time while taking the SAT, GRE, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, or USMLE as well as classroom accommodations in school or university.

Persons with diagnosis of a learning disability, ADHD, or cognitive disorder such as slow speed of information processing may be given time and a half or double the normal time to take their examination.

In order to be considered for additional time (or other accommodations), testing agencies have a complex set of requirements that you must meet and provide. They require a current, comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation (sometimes called a psychoeducational evaluation or psychological testing) in which specific required tests are administered, normed according to their guidelines, and reported in a format they may specify. The report must include specific information about your condition and history. Unless these instructions are carefully followed, the professional report will be rejected by the testing agency and you will be denied accommodations.

Depending on your diagnosis you may be eligible for one or more of the following test accommodations:

  • Additional time (1.5 time or double time)
  • Testing in a quiet environment
  • A designated reader for testing
  • A designated scribe for testing
  • Enlarged Scantron answer sheets
  • A reader for the written materials
  • A scribe to write your answers

A letter from your doctor or physician is not adequate

Your request must be accompanied by a comprehensive neuropsychological (sometimes called psychoeducational) evaluation with test scores provided. Because agencies are very specific in their requirements, it is essential you go to a professional who has considerable expertise in this area; otherwise you risk your request being rejected.

At the Cognitive Assessment Group, we perform several of these evaluations each week and have evaluated thousands of individuals for accommodations. Our reports are produced by a Board Certified Neuropsychologist who specializes in this work. We have helped our patients receive:

  • ACT accommodations NYC
  • GMAT accommodations NYC
  • LSAT accommodations NYC
  • MCAT accommodations NYC
  • USMLE accommodations
  • CFA accommodations
  • And other classroom accommodations

We also guide you in putting your information together for the school, college/university or testing agency so that you have the best advantage with your request for accommodations.

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Great news.
I rec’d an email from the ACT. (Patient) was approved for extended time!!
Much appreciation for your efforts. When Andrea has time we will appreciate it if she can mail back to me (Patient’s) records.
Thank you again. We are all so happy!

Patient approved for accommodations on ACT exam.
August 4, 2014