Dr. Wilfred van Gorp was interviewed by Fox News in their article about a large study revealing that some coronavirus survivors may face a higher risk of being diagnosed with a mental illness up to three months later.

Excerpt from the article:

“I personally don’t find it all that surprising,” Dr. Wilfred Van Gorp, neuropsychologist and director of Cognitive Assessment Group in N.Y., told Fox News in an interview. “It’s not surprising in three ways, one is: when you have a medically ill group, there’s an increased prevalence of sadness, whether it rises to a level of clinical depression or not.”

“Second, with the pandemic, anybody who’s cooped up, isolated, you get fertile ground for psychiatric illnesses like depression,” he continued. “People who see COVID-19 patients, there’s so many cognitive disorders… it reminds me of people who have post-concussion syndrome,” Van Gorp said, citing brain fog, neurocognitive conditions, depression and moodiness among coronavirus patients.

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