We are experts who specialize in evaluation and management of concussion related symptoms.

A concussion is a brain injury caused by an abrupt rotation, acceleration, and deceleration of the brain inside the unbending skull.

It produces a temporary alteration in the activity of the brain and a disruption in the brain’s normal use of energy.

Concussion can occur even in the absence of a loss of consciousness. In fact, more concussions have no loss of consciousness than those with loss of consciousness!

Are you or a loved one experiencing mild to severe concussion symptoms? Cognitive Assessment Group can evaluate your concussion symptoms and provide treatment management for mild, moderate, and severe concussions. We offer accurate concussion testing in NYC and Chicago as well as treatment and ImPACT concussion management.

Concussion testing and concussion evaluation are the first, crucial steps to understanding the effects of your concussion upon your functioning.

The concussion testing or concussion evaluation consists of an interview as to what happened, your signs and symptoms relating to the concussion, your medical history, and administration of ImPACT–a 20 minute computer administered cognitive test battery measuring your neuropsychological functioning which can reflect the temporary effects of concussion upon your functioning.

When the evaluation is complete, we will review with you the findings and offer detailed guidance for management and treatment of your concussion symptoms. The goal is to get you back to work, school or athletic play as soon as possible.

We are among the most experienced clinicians evaluating the effects of concussion and return to play of any in the area. We have evaluated thousands of individuals with mild traumatic brain injuries.

We also offer advice and documentation for academic or workplace accommodations in light of your injury and symptoms.

For an accurate evaluation and treatment for concussion symptoms in NYC and Chicago, contact the Cognitive Assessment Group today.


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