We offer treatment programs to help you manage your ADD/ADHD

Many people with attention problems seek alternatives to medication or as a complimentary treatment to their medication. At the Center for Cognitive Assessment, we offer child and adult ADD assessment tests and help diagnosed individuals cope. After ADD testing in NYC, we offer behavioral management strategies and evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) aimed at improving attention and focus.
Individual and group treatment is offered.


The Adult ADHD Workshop is an 8-week comprehensive group geared towards helping adults with ADHD improve their attention, focus, and productivity. This group will help you create a system that will increase your ability to complete tasks at work, remember where our keys are, maintain motivation throughout the day, and so much more. Based on principles from cognitive and behavioral psychology, this group will teach how to establish an effective schedule, create effective lists, and stay on task. This group will also include mindfulness practices, which will help patients focus on staying in the present moment. The group will offer resources and suggest apps that will be helpful in managing ADHD symptoms.

Groups meet in the evening.

Cost: Initial one-on-one evaluation before admission to the group: $300.00
Each group session: $150.00

Your out of network health insurance may cover some of these costs.


For those who are interested, we also provide comprehensive one-on-one therapy focused on managing your daily schedule, improving attention, and developing routines. We will work on creating effective lists, and converting those lists into effective strategies for planning out activities and tasks. Individual therapy will also be able to focus on individual struggles with Depression and/or Anxiety, as those can directly contribute to attention problems. Individual therapy can be tailored more to the individual patient and therapeutic styles can vary depending on the patient. The skilled therapist will utilize a variety of therapeutic skills he has learned while working with individuals suffering from ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. This option may be preferable for individuals who do not feel comfortable speaking in front of a group of people, or simply would like a more individualized treatment.


Initial Evaluation: $300.00

Individual Sessions: $250.00

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